Tips For Making People “Like” You



So I am sure we all are aware of the marketing gold mine that is Facebook.  I have a page.  You (99% likely) have a page.  Even my friend’s pet pig, Hamlet, has a page. This is a wonderful opportunity for small companies to reach consumers by making a page for themselves, but only if it is done right.

Why Do You Even Have A Page

As with all marketing, do your research.  Why are your audience there?  Do they want company news?  Do they expect it to be the customer service source?  Do they want to be able to talk to you?  These are really important factors that businesses should figure out and revolve posting strategies around.  Then make sure relevant metrics are defined.

Oh It’s Been A Month, Better Make Another Post

There are plenty of small businesses that get pumped over the possibilities that Facebook provides.  They quickly throw together their page, make 5 posts in the first day, and then no one hears from them again.   Social media is not a magical switch you can switch and suddenly gain customers.  You have to give it some work.  If you are going to do it, do it.  Post with some frequency, even once a week is good in the beginning.  Give the people something to follow.

Pay Up

Proper social media marketing isn’t as free as many would hope.  You can post till your heart desires, but there is a limited amount of people you can reach.  Buying Facebook ads is an easy way to significantly increase your reach and you can even target your exact audience.  Facebook’s ad tools are set up so you can select your target by demographics and even lifestyles, and you can set up the bids in your campaign too.

Sign Them Up

Now that you have them, keep them.  Engage them and get them to sign up for email newsletters, which you are of course sending out already.   It’s just another way to reach them and provide them with relevant news and deals.  Reaching consumers via email should hopefully attract them to your website where they can make a purchase (if online sales is your compony’s MO)

Pay Attention

Your metrics exist for a reason.  Even if your page isn’t doing as well as you’d like, your metrics will show you where your strengths are and you can tailor your content to that.


Just some tips, what did you think?  I think I will write my next paper on this!


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